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The few types of rice that we are offering are as follows:

1. Thai Jasmine Rice
Also known as fragrant rice or Hom Mali, is recognized world wide as Thailands specialty. Thai Jasmine Rice belongs to the indica (Long-Grain) category and could be divided into 3 main categories such as A, B and C.

2. Brown Rice
Belongs to the indica (long-grain) , very similar to white rice. The only difference between these two types, is the milling. As a result, a brown bran layer remains. Due to the bran layer, brown rice contains more nutrients than white rice. In particular, Brown rice is very high in fiber and Vitamin B.

3. White Rice
Belongs to the indica (long-grain) category. Also known as polished rice or fully milled rice because most of the outer layer - the husk and the bran layer are removed from the kernel, through the milling process.

4. Broken Rice
During the milling process, broken rice is separated from the white rice, with the shape remaining intact. A grain of broken white rice gives a low fiber texture and low nutrient level, while retaining its high energy content.

5. Short Grain Rice
Belongs to the Japonica (short grain) category and has short, round, and plumpy dernel. When its cooked, short grained rice is cooked together, although not as much as glutinous rice. In Japanese and Korean Cuisine, short grained rice is primarily consumed in every meal.

6. Parboiled Rice
Non-glutinous rice that has passed through the parboiling process and has its bran removed. Parboiled rice is divided into 9 grades.

7. Glutinous Rice
Also known as sticky rice or sweet rice, consists of Amylose and Amylopectin starch, with a chalky white texture. The standards for glutinous rice are specified as follows:

- White Glutinous Rice 100%.
- Short Grain.
- Long-Grain.

Our export quality are approved by:
2 Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-Operative
3 The Rice Inspection Committee of Board of Trade of Thailand.
4 International Inspector with full quality and quantity certificates.
5 In-House Quality Assurance from the rice expert staff.
Supply Capacity
20,000 Per MT/Per Month
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