Sell The Dermis Matrix Surgical Dressing

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Escapes the cell pig dermis matrix is escapes the cell to go to the epidermis material, changed the pig entire level skin characteristic, has well mounts attaches the nature, does not arrange differently, the water percolation disposition, guarantees wet, as well as good guards against the infection function, realized the treatment on the way not to trade the medicine, exempted the patient to trade the medicine, the cutting scab, the skin grafting resorts to a cure worse than the sickness the pain.

Escapes the cell pig dermis matrix to make the biological surgical dressing, after maximum limit has preserved the deep II burn the residual skin organization and the health granulation injured area, repaired for the injured area from the skin entire level organization has left behind "the seedling", had guaranteed the reconstruction dermis organization, and has controlled the scar proliferation from the source
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