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The electric power modem is a very common used communication device in electric power automatic system, mainly used in transform station distributed control system, electric power bureau, dispatch center, front-end computers data communication, as well as widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, environmental protection and other fields which are in need of SCADA distributed data acquisition, remote control, remote communication system. SMM modem driver is a multi-function modem driver which suits to data transmission of dispatch automation in electric power system. It applies to the synchronous or asynchronous data transmission on the electric power carrier wave channel, microwave channel, optical channel, lightning on communication cable and specialized channel. This modem driver adopts FSK digital modem way and the newest modem driving technique, thus leads more perfect function, more flexible usage, stronger adaptation, and higher stability and reliability.

Uses the advanced industrial STC80C51 one-chip computer; stability and optimization.
High electromagnetic compatibility design; conforms to international related standard, and good anti-interference ability.
Uses surface mounting technique and highly conglomerated circuit board, can avoid communication breakdown caused by connection.
Among the input and output port (as well as the signal place) can get driving and electronic isolation by optocoupler.
Has the signal light display for signal receiving and carrier wave inspection indicative status;
Complete metal cabinet, industrial design, artistic modeling, and convenient screen combination;
Reliable product quality, small volume, and convenient design;
With card model (may share the smc2000 cabinet with SMC serial power modem driver.


System index Work environment requirement
 Modem way: uses frequency shift keying modem way( 2FSK) , continuous phase
 Transfer speed: 300, 600, 1200 bit/S (activated)
 Communication way: includes BELL(103, 202) , CCITT(V23, V21) , multiplexing in power line carrier channel audio and other communication ways.
 Transfer way: synchronous or asynchronous
 Working way: adopts four-line full-duplex communication way.
 output resistance: 600
 Receiving: active-standby channel automatic switch, resistance is balance 600(Ohms)
 Transfer route: special line, telephone line, microwave, carrier wave, frequency expand, optical voice channel.
 Port standard: RS232C
 Transfer Level: 0 ~ -20 dB continual adjustable
 Receiving level: 0 ~ -40 dB /600(Ohms)
 Frequency offset: dispatch modem port<=12 Hz
 Receiving driving port offset adaptability <= 120Hz
 Signal-to-noise ratio: in center the frequency is 3000+/-200HZ, transfer speed rate is 600bit/S each hour; if occurs the worst signal-to-noise ratio : -5dB , the 511 pseudorandom codes bit error ratio should not surpass 1*10-5
 RTS-CTS contact response-time: 27ms
 Signal receiving text time: 25ms  Environment temperature: -100~+500, the average temperature can not surpass +350 in 24 hours;
 Storing temperature: -10 0 ~+70 0, no addition to the drive quantity under the limit value, no irreversible conversion to the device, after the temperature resuming, the device can work normally;
 Relative humidity: less than 85
 Air pressure: 80 kPa ~110kPa
 Working place: deviate the datum location less than 5
 There should not be explosive medium, either the gas which can corrode the metal and destroy the insulation or conductive media; can not fill with vapor and exist serious mold;
 The application place must have the facilities to defend rain , snow , wind, sand and dusty.

SMC2000 serial intelligent channel switcher includes two models: table and card. During the practical application, according to the scene real need, combines with SND200 serial power modem driver, can realize the function of data and simulation signals switch, active-standby channels redundancy judgment. Whats more, according to users special technique requirement, design and configure the product.
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