Sell The HEMA full automatic high-speed seaming line for filling and closing of cans

The HEMA full automatic high-speed seaming line for filling and closing of cans You May Also Be Interested In: cans corned beef high speed line line producer luncheon meat
We are ready to cater you very efficiently line for filling and seaming meat cans. The line producer is company HEMA from France.

The HEMA full automatic high-speed seaming line for filling and closing of cans
consists of

One Filler-filling machine DM60CB
One Clincher DMC2A
Two vacuum seamers closing machines SHV120A
One complete vacuum station capaciti 540  1.200 m3/h
One washing machine M-44 for closed cans
Conveyors for input and output of cans necessary for the automatic and synchronized
Work of the whole seaming line.

Technical characteristics of the line

Filling of tough, half-tough and paste substances as Ham, Luncheon Meat, Corned Beef,
Goulash, Caviar, Ketchup and alike.

Diameter of cans 45-100 mm
Height of cans 20-115 mm
Diagonal of non-round cans max 155 mm
Speed max 120 cans/minute

Operational potentiality of the offered seaming line

The offered seaming line is equipped with the following tools

The Filler 4 ( four) complete sets of tools-change parts for:
Round cans of diameters 73 mm and 99 mm
Square cans 93x47x57 and 93x47x91mm (7 oz and 12 oz)
Trapezoid 74x56x59 and 74x56x95 mm (7 oz and 12 oz)

Clincher 4 (four) complete tools for the same sizes of cans as by the Filler

Twin vacuum seamers 4 (four) complete sets of change parts of each seamer for the size
of cans mentioned above describing the filler, which means that 2 (two) seamers could
be delivered with 8 (eight) complete sets of change parts-tools.

The line has now been completed, with one set on the Filler and two sets on the Seamers, with the change parts for production on Square cans 93x47x57 mm.

The line has been tested with the quantity of 800 kg of Luncheon Meat. This was the totalquantity of output this line has produced . The point is that this line is actually brand new.

Immediately after the working test the whole line was conserved in grease.

Just like the whole line, all the mentioned change parts are totally new, never used and properly conserved.

Since the workability of the line ranges from 20 to 115 mm deponding on the height of cans, it is pretty easy to deduce how wide the range of cans is that can be filled and closed by simply adjusting the height on the very line.

The line was produced towards the end of 1996. and was tested at the beginning of 1997.

The basic characteristics of the twin (double) seamer-closing machines SHV120A.
-The double seaming operation takes place in the seaming chamber.
-It includes the device for adjusting the height
-Easy acces to all the parts and components which are changeable or adjustable.

Characteristics of the seaming head:
-The seaming head is a complete and independent entirety.
-The seaming head is placed on a fixed base and as user-friendly when it comes to
adjusting and quick changing for work with different can dimensions.
-The input of cans is performed by means of a star-shaped conveyer.
-The seaming process is carried out using vacuum.

Total price comlete line with 4+4+8 set's tools 540.000,00 EUR

Garanty 12 monts
Brand Name
Available Colors
stainless steel
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