Sell The Huge Calibre ABS pipe extrusion line

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Changjie Brand ABS pipe extrusion line Features:
 Extruder: Single screw extruder barrel with slot machines, new high efficiency screw, with a higher yield and plasticizing capacity.
 extrusion die: The streamlined design of the shunt tube edge nose, pipe wall thickness is adjustable to facilitate adjustment; stereotyped sets of unique design, using stacked-plate structures, materials, high strength, wear good, high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy the maximum processing range #800mm of ABS plastic special-shaped pipe.
 vacuum shaping devices: vacuum spray tank, and all water contact parts made of stainless steel materials.
 Traction machine: 6 claw crawler tractor, rubber press wear strong, traction and stability and reliable.
 Cutting Machine: The planetary cutting machine, cutting way for sawing, cutting saw blade carbide saw blades for the ABS-specific.
 stacking devices: automatic roller stacking device.
 There are many electrical control system for the selection (eg: PLC automatic control system) , production stability, and control simple and easy to operate.