Sell The IPL HR & SR system

The IPL HR & SR system You May Also Be Interested In: freckles hair removal system intense pulse light skin rejuvenating
Speckles, age spot, sun-induced freckles;
Red blood streak, bottlenose, erythema;
Wrinkles, acne scar, low skin elasticity, trichopore;
Skin rejuvenating, hair-removal.
System feature
 Three Treatment handles with broad indication
 Effective Cooling system- Thermal & electric cooled, Built-in circle water cooled, air cooled
 LCD Screen with function keys for easy control
Efficient energy emitting for shorter treatment
Remarks: The device has three treatment-heads : SR , HR & VR .
The different treatment-head is for the different treatment purpose.

SR : Skin-Rejuvenating. It is used for eliminating wrinkles, shrinking trichopore, enhancing skin elasticity, speckles, age spot, sun-induced freckles and so on.

HR: Hair-Removal. It is used for removing unexpected hair of limbs, lips& face by rapid destroying of hair follicle tissues permanently.
VR: Vessel-Removal. It is used for removing red blood streak, bottlenose & acne.

This type of machine we can offer any two-treatment head. If you want to get other treatment head you have to charge for it in addition.

Light source Intense Pulse Light
Wavelength SR: 560nm-1200nm HR: 690nm-1200nm VR:420nm-1200nm
Light guide Crystal optical system
Fluence 20-50m/cm2
Pulse duration 20149.7ms
Fluency <=1P/3S
Spot size 8x34mm
Cooling system Thermal & Electric and Built-in Circle water-cooling system
Size 520x470x1000mm
Weight 35kg
Power requirement AC 220V110, 3A, 50HZ
We can offer power of AC 110V110,3A,50HZ for special client.
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