Sell The MIV-D Eyebrow purifying laser Device:

The MIV-D Eyebrow purifying laser Device: You May Also Be Interested In: eyebrow eyebrow purifying device laser device tattoos
Curing range
Pigment pathology of skin, for instance, the blue, black, red, brown or mixture of eyebrow lines, eyelid-lines and tattoos, including flecks.
MonalizaIVD Feature
Particular technology of warm-up without sparkle, fulfilling EMC requirement
Advanced technology of counter reaction and resonant soft switch
Dynamic energy menu indication with English and Chinese
Adoption of 16 bits SCM and veneer structure more reliable performance

Light source: Q-switched ND: YAG solid-state
Wavelength range 1064nm, 532nm
Energy level: 350mj
Pulse duration : 10ns
Pulse rate : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 HZ
Size : 48cmW24cmW24cm
Weight : 12kg
Power requirement: AC220V, 3A, 50HZ
We can offer power of AC 110V110,3A,50HZ for special client.