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Dramatically removes odors and Experience forest shower freshness while driving
Negative ion:
The great nature provides positive, negative ions in the air. The negative ions are oxygen atoms that have gained and extra electron . They can clump microscopic particles together and make the floating particles fall to the floor. Negative electrons can clean up the air , active oxygen, and aid in human health to make people feel better.
During a lightning storm, oxygen molecules (02) are broken apart and recombined as ozone(03) . Ozone has 3atoms. Disinfecting and oxidation happens when an extra oxygen atom splits off from an ozone molecule. When it occurs both the atom and contaminants are changed into carbon dioxide and hydrogen and make the air clean.
New science and technology product:
The Minimum car Air Freshener In the world Only 8 Cm , With Germany, Japanese technique cooperation use the Nanometer light catalyst oxygen respond technology Produce Negative ions and ozone! Depend on the American FDA standard- the ozone in Automobile must be lower 0.03 PPM, Otherwise is harmful to the human body, and Negative ion the quantity about43000-50000/Cm3 is the best! Negative ion is a kind of Gas that take the negative charge of air ion , Have no color and tasteless, and Widely exist in the nature. Negative ion can clean up air, add to Oxygen amount to help the human body health and also make the human feel well fresh and cool. The ozone can improve the air quality, make the air change better, The negative ion has very important influence to the life activity of the human body and other living creature. The nearby of The park, Suburban area countryside, Seashore, lake, Waterfalls and forest have a lot of Negative ions . When people entered the above-mentioned places , the head is delightfully fresh, breath is happy and frank; Return the thunder-storm later on, the negative ion of the air increase, the people feel the mood relaxed. This product has already passed U. S. A. FDA and E-MARK authentication of Europe. and This product invention patent number:200510035461.3 Structure patent number :200520060314.7
 Use:
1. Simply plug into cigarette lighter receptacle. A faint light at the end of the unit is your indication that the ionizer is functioning.
2. It is recommended to use this product with an extension cord when radio wave interference occurs.
3. If your vehicles cigarette lights are still on when you turn off your vehicle, it is recommended that you remove the unit from the lighter socket each time you turn off the vehicle.
4. To allow the ionizer to reach its best efficiency, it is recommended to use the ionizer with the conditioner on.
5. For use in DC 12V cars only. Not suitable for DC 24V cars.  
1) working voltage: DC 12-14V
2) Ozone Concentration: <0.03PPM
3) Power consumption: 0.8W
4) Negative Ion concentration: 43,000-50,000 ions / Cm3
5) Size: (L)8.35cm*(W)2.1cm(min) Cm*(W)2.6(max) cm
6) Weight:1.06 ounce/30g
PACKING SIZE;80PCS/CTN : ( 45 * 32* 30 ) CM,
N. W : 5KG, G. W: 6KG. PVC PACKING : 48.5 G
20CTN ( 595* 232* 237) CM 637 CTN(50,960PCS)
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8.35*2.1*2.6 cm
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DC 12-14V
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