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The Nose Re-shaper is a device scientifically designed to give a new projection of the nose. It works under the same concept of a contact lens, so it just works while it is in the nose.
The Nose Re-shaper is used daytime only and it is easily taken out for sleeping. (like a contact lens)
This is a revolutionary device that save a lot of money to people who was considering a surgery. Used in U. S. A. and other countries by lots of Models and TV personalities.
Easy to use for men and women is a very discreet device so no one else would notice anything but the great look of your new nose!!!
This product has 3 sizes and last 4 years with a daily use.
Brand Name
The Nose Re-shaper Rulav
Available Colors
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box 20x20x15mm
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in process
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credit card
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0.10 grms both