Sell The Storm

The Storm
Original photography and poetry, professionally matted (8x10) with the choice of an 8x10 wood frame ($19.00) , or without the frame ($15.00) .

Text to this poem:
In the midst of the storm I looked for You
but I didnt think You were around.
Through the raging wind and pounding rain,
I thought You couldnt be found.
Your hand was outstretched all along
while I was grasping for the air.
And I was drowning in my sorrow,
convinced that You didnt care.
Then tenderly, You took my eyes
and You lifted them to Your face,
and said, My child, how could you doubt
My mercy and My grace?
Ive been right here beside you
and Ive been calling out your name.
It was only when you began to doubt
that you fell victim to the rain. 
If youll look to Me in times of need
Ill be right by your side. 
Climb into My arms, Ill keep you safe
from the raging storm outside. 
Supply Capacity
5,000 per month w/o frame
Condition of Goods
8x10 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit