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WAYFINDER is a directional beacon, which offers visual guidance to the fire exits in the event of an alarm situation. Once a fire alarm has been triggered WAYFINDER units activate themselves by picking up the distinct decibel sound emitted by the fire alarm or via Radio technology*.

WAYFINDER units begin to activate by way of a red flashing arrow giving guidance along possibly smoke filled corridors and up or down stairwells thus offering people potentially vital extra minutes during evacuation.

WAYFINDER units are typically placed along corridors at skirting board or waist high level to maximise its visual flashing directional arrow in the event of smoke obscuring present fire exit signs and where people are forced to crawl below the rising smoke. Bedrooms in hotels and office areas benefit by having a WAYFINDER unit above the doors to aid people out.

The original WAYFINDER Concept is now being continuously developed. New technology and additional usage variations from the original version have been added to the range as many companies and organisations can see its enormous benefits in their particular situation.

The purpose of the product is simple:

Helps occupants find the nearest Fire Exit
Saves time in building evacuation
Helps to avoid panic in smokey & unfamiliar corridors
Helps to avoid bottleneck situations at main exit routes.
Simple to understand
Easy to use
Potential life saving capability
Universally understood
Brand Name
The Wayfinder
Supply Capacity
200,000 Per month
Available Colors
Green + bespoke
Condition of Goods
20cm dia
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
Batt, 110V or 240v
Patents or Trademarks
Worldwide Patent
Terms of Payment
L/C or T/T
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
12 mnts