Sell The Whole Water Transfer Equipment(10 meter)

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Name: Tunnel-type Drying System
Model: TDM-WT-1000SH
Conveyor Line (L*W*H) : 10000*940*760MM
Drying Oven Size(L*W*H) : 2000*800*300MM

Name: Foil Loading Equipment
Model: TDM-WT-1000SM
Machine Size(L*W*H) : 1200*900*900MM
Chamber size: 1000*800*650mm
Heating lamp size: 3KW

Name: Water Washing Conveyor
Model: TDM-WT-1000SX
Specification: 10Meter
Conveyor Line (L*W*H) : 10000*900*800MM

Name: Overflow Type Ink Spraying Cabinet
Model: TWM-2400SP
Machine Size (L*W*H) : 1350*2550*1950mm
Working Chamber Size (L*W*H) : 1000*800*650mm
Water pump wattage: 2HP, 220V
Exhauster wattage: 2HPW2sets, 380V
Power supply: 380V, 3-phase 4-wire
Weight: 750kg
1. The water film in working chamber forms on stainless steel plate made according to streamline forming design. After water overflows if forms water film which does the primary washing to ink mist;
2. Shower system is built in pressurized water shower does the secondary washing to ink mist;
3. Choked flow system is built in to do the tertiary washing to ink mist;
4. With advanced structure, low noise and good dust removing effect, it is deeply trusted by customers.