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The represented decision enables to unify schematic and designer-technological decisions of a complex of questions of most full use thyristor converters of the electric power is especial, when the initial source of the electric power has the limited capacity. Told mainly concerns to the independent objects removed from industrial centers and power systems: to storage or solar batteries, fuel elements, radioisotope or low-power nuclear sources.
Technical decisions of offered development realize application low-frequency thyristors, with absence of a radio emission on fronts, in converters of a voltage, with the parameters adequate to the above-stated general and recommended requirements. A number of the patented development and a know-how reduces capacity of a control system of power keys up to adequate for field transistors, the charge of electromechanical steel and copper (in some cases in tens times) , enables to organize regulation target frequencies and voltage under any law and the form, with any number of phases, not changing a configuration of the side of a direct current and an optimum mode of operation of electrotechnical steel. The decision minimizes target filters and enables their organization without expenses of electrotechnical materials.
The converter has the raised reloading ability, is long maintaining shock loading of a current. Effective protection can be executed by the electromagnetic automatic device or a fusible insert.
The pre-production model of the converter long time /more than 5 years/ is maintained in structure of the solar power complexes.
Decisions can serve for improvement of quality of the electric power not only for the consumer but also minimize deterioration of the mains voltage occurring because of work of converting devices. The further expansion of scopes, for example:
- The controlled rectifier for capacitor loading. The range of corners of regulation thyristors is established by definition of positions and duration of the moments of time in which inclusion and work of the given controlled gate is possible. The voltage on it and voltage of the charged battery of accumulators is compared. Charging current stability, does not depend on a voltage of a feed of the rectifier and the charged battery of accumulators. The current is determined not by means of its measurement by the gauge of a current and the further processing by system of automatic control, and calculated by means of comparison of a peak and current voltage with a difference of voltage of the integrator of duration and a range of corners of regulation. Stabilization of charged current is carried out on each phase, providing uniform loading of phases, not dependent on skews of a phase voltage, that is impossible at stabilization of charged current at its measurement by the gauge. Inertial in this case it is minimal, and in general - it is insignificant.
- Converters for drives of deep drilling.
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24-110 DC - 110 or 240 v.AC
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