Sell The double frequency laser scribing machine series

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Equipment Performance
The equipment of the frequency double laser scribing machine series, the working lamp-house adopts Nd: YAG laser and the acoustic-optics modulation system, the numerical control X/Y work table, the device of the step motor-driven. It works precisely under the computers control. The proprietary control software made the procedure of edit and revision simple and convenient, and it can display movement path at real time.
The system adopts international popular modular design, and the key components use the imported products. The entire machine has reasonable structure, quick scriber speed, high precision, complete function, and simple and convenient operation. It can be continuously working for a long term of 24-hour. It has stable and reliable performance index, low failure rate, high processing and producing rate, and a board applicable scope. In the line of solar energy, it is widely used and highly receives recognitions.

Applicable fields
The frequency double laser scribing machine series is widely applied in: Engraving and lineation of hull cell and conducting film at solar energy industry.