Sell The flat sinter powder of aluminum oxide

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The flat sinter powder of aluminum oxide was produced by special technology, make the powder dimension more homogeneous. The aluminum oxide crystal form is a hexagonal flat shape. Different from the equivalence type or sphericity in tradition abrasive. This form makes the abrasive powder parallel in grinding motion on the surface of workpiece is processed, can make slip abrasive effect. It is different from usual rolling abrasive, as a result its cant random scratch easily to outside of the workpiece. At the same time because of the stress is equally distributing on the surface, granule fell to pieces is decrease and abrasion resistance has increase. Thus the flat sinter powder of aluminum oxide can provide optimum grinding efficiency and surface smoothness.
Our products especially used in abrasive, polishing, semiconductor single crystal or Polycrystal silicon slice, Teletron glass shell and screen, Spectralite, LCD, Piezoelectric quartz crystal, Compound semiconductor materials(Gallium arsenide, Indium phosphide) , Magnetic materials , sinter ceramic material, Top grade dope filling material and so on