Sell The harvester-mower NB 2003

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The harvester-mower NB 2003 makes herb production better in terms of capacity, performance and efficiency, designed to make farmers more productive and harvest more hectares every day.

Multi herb ability. The harvester-mower NB 2003 has two adapters for:

In this way NB 2003 is in use during the whole year and can be used for a wide rang of cultures which increase profitability.

The harvester-mower NB 2003 is connected to a tractor of a small power - starting from 30 KW and up.
NB 2003 is driven through the tractors cardan shaft. Tractor which carries the harvester-mower also pulls trailer. Trailers capacity can be in range from 1 to 10 tons. Harvesting/mowing and transportation process is fully automated. NB 2003 is equipped with band conveyors, which transport the harvested/mowed material into the trailer. The transportation is performed without causing any physical damage of the material. Full trailer is substituted with empty one without breaking of harvesting/mowing process and there is no need for additional manipulation of the material. Another tractor drive full trailer away to the place for drying.

The efficiency of the NB 2003 depends of the harvest organization, the quality of the herbs and the tractor driver experience, with standard maximal efficiency is 4.5-5 Ha per day.

The NB 2003 is bulit the way it allows clear view to the tractor driver during the harvest/mow, which represent important factor for the quality of the harvested/mowed mass. Machine operator can adjust the height of the harvesting/mowing depending on the crops quality.

All machine parts enables safe operation and easy service.

Special advantage of NB 2003 is a posibility of easy and quick transition from the operational into the transportation position. For the transportation NB 2003 is placed onto the wheels and can be pulled by passenger car in the public traffic, applying adequate security measurements regulated by the law. This is an easy and fast way to transfer machine to a far location.

Adapter for harvesting is ideal for chamomile. Superb flower quality. Samples are of a high percentage of flower without stalks, or the stalks are very short.

Adapter for mowing is ideal for mint, oregano, melissa, parsley, spinach, etc. Mower performs a double cut, so the stalk is cut precisely without crushing.