Sell The herbral slimming tea--Lida meizi tea

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Lida Meizi Slimming Tea
Function mechanism:
1. burn the fat
In the tea, there includes massive food fibre that can't be digested, so the full feeling will be aroused after the fibre staying long in the abdomen. More importantly, it can burn the fat due to vitamin B1 contained in it. Vitamin B1 is the essential substance which can thoroughly burn the fat and transform it into heat energy. According to the test, one hour after drinking black tea, the blood flowing speed in blood vessel through heart accelerates, which indicates the blood fat in vessel has been reduced.

2. Discharge Oil and Fat
Meizi Slimming Tea contains cassia seed, and in the cassia seed there are emodinin glucopyranoside, emodinin anthrone and physcion, they bear the function of being cardiotonic and serum cholesterol reducing. Hawthorn is good at blood fat reducing and the extracts of it can decrease the content of the total serum cholesterol, low density and very low density lipoprotein, it also can apparently increase the activity of blood serum lecithin cholesterin acylase in the rat which suffers from hyperlipidemia and can effectively restrain the cholesterol from composing.

3. Pressure release
Pressure in daily work and life, especially the heavy psychological pressure in short-term, can cause the vasoconstriction, deficiency and cold of blood vessel which makes fat agglomeration. The long term vicious circle can cause weight increasing. Long term mental strain also does hundred harms to human body. When you feel the pressure, drink a cup of "Meizi tea", which will lower the load of blood vessel as well as to prevent your perfect stature from getting fat.
4. Detoxication
The Herbalist doctor thought that toxicity is caused mainly by the phlegm-dampness stagnating in the inner body , while the doctor practicing western medicine thought its caused by the fat accumulation in human body. Oriental Waterplantain Rhizome can cause diuresis and remove phlegm. It is effective to prevent and eliminate summer heat in human body, the harmful chemistry and the radioactive substance which accumulates in human body.
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