Sell The intelligent asphalt spray vehicle

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The intelligent asphalt spray vehicle uses into spray the high viscosity modified asphalt, the hot asphalt and milk asphalt. This vehicle composed by the chassis, the asphalt container, the asphalt pumps and spray system, the heat conduction oil system, the hydraulic system, the combustion system, the control system and the control desk and so on. The spray process controlled by the computer, the asphalt sprays quantity is accurate, spray is even, sprays quantity adjustment scope is 0.3-2.5kG/m2, and the precision achieves the European standard. Operating is easy; the entire vehicle technical performance achieves the world advanced level. Sprays in the working reality, when the asphalt sprays in particular quantity each square meter is smaller than 0.8 kilogram, can manifest its could show the spray even superiority characteristic more obvious. This technical utilization, overcomes in the present market when the similar type vehicle work the flaw which the asphalt sprayed the quantity which is small, the asphalt sprayed uniformity has controlling difficulty.