Sell The new formulation of the Herbicide

The new formulation of the Herbicide You May Also Be Interested In: herbicide mimosa pudica
Now we can provide the formulation of:

36%propanil+20%2,4D EC

Which is used to control the following weeds:
Broad leaves of Ipomea sp. / Eclipta alba. Phyllantus ninuri, Iussiaea linifolia, Ammania sp. , Amaranthus sp. , Prottulaca oleracea, Cassia tora, Mimosa pudica, Sida acuta. Cyperus feras.
Graminate:Echinochloa colonum(a hard weed to be controlled) , Ishaemum rugosum, Leptochloa filiformis, Digitaria sanguinates, setaria geniculata
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