Sell The solar energy boiler (sun power boiler)

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Status analyses according to the energy resources utilization shows that only thermal application of solar energy has become the pioneer of the utilization of solar energy. And at the same time, solar energy building unification technology has been concerned by the countrys building authorities. The company attaches most importance to the application spread. We united with Correlation College and institute to work on the solar energy, wind power, biological energy and other new energy. Especially we have many patents and resources on solar mid-high temperature applicants tech on industry, solar energy swimming pool and bathroom tech, solar forcing house tech and solar-biologic integration tech, solar photo thermal high-powered material tech, etc. Especially on the design and construction of bath centers, hotels, and housing districts.
The solar mid-high temperature system produced by Huayuan company , May widely apply to the daily drinking water, the steam, the heating, the air condition, the electricity generation, the spinning and weaving, the printing, the papermaking, the rubber, the seawater desalination, the livestock cultivation, and the food processing, ect. , everywhere of life domain , where hot water and the hot steam needed. This equipment is suitable to each aspect of to the agricultural production and the farmer lives, for example the biogas thermal-constant tech, the food processing, the livestock cultivation and so on, and science the restriction of region and other natural restrictions are not remarkable, the equipment can use in most countryside. Both protect the environment and reduce the energy, the solar mid-high temperature system produced by Huayuan new energy Project Company plays a vital role in the construction of new socialist countryside.
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