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The twelve ladies of jinling city
In 《 A Dream of Red Mansions》 , the famous classical novel of China, the author portrayed many ladies with characteristic dispositions and vivid images. and in the fifth chapter of the book, the author wrote poems for the illustrations of "The Twelve Ladies of Jinling City" to drop hints to the readers the lots and fates of everyone of them, and so preinstalled the brilliant foreshadowing lines for the whole story. "The Twelves" here we introduced, most of them were the female members and folks of Jia, Shi, Wang and Xue, the four big famillies. Outwardly, they lived in an aristocratic life, being fed on the fat of the land, glorious and wealthy, but the fact of th matter was that none of them could be able to escape the tragic degradation brought to them by the declining feudal society. "After the late spring all blossoms fade away; And everyone of them must seek for their own way. " The author Cao Xueqin, being "unable to mend the sky", through his creation of the artistic images of "The Twelve Ladies of Jinling City", wrote out an elegy of the times of the feudal society, and that was "Just like the birds, feeling emmpty, fly to their nests; How clean is the snowy plain at rest!"
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