Sell The type of N Folding Door

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We have been serving our clients with leading techniques and fine technologies
for years. Its fine and beautiful appearance, reliable performance and extra-long
service life have made our doors become the only front doors of many users
N type standard technique parameter:
Fold door high=1.2 and 1.6 rice gauges=400,440 mms
A row breadth=430 mms,470 mms
Eligibility technique:
The LED manifestation holds to own writing, portrait. . . etc.8 kinds of manifestations method, contents can according to customer the request makes to do, most long amount to 120 word advertisement contents
The intelligence infrared ray double stretches forward to defend the device of collision, meeting person or thing 20~50 cmses can return the movement automatically, insuring the safety
The reply type leaves to match the organization realizes at power failure hour can for move the movement function
Over flow to protect the function, make more safe and dependable protection in electrical engineering
The superior quality leads to light Orbit , run about smooth smooth
The infrared ray defends to turn over to report to the police the function more
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