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The unique combination of TCM warming Moxibustion, TCM Point Theory and modern biological technology usher in Kangchi theraputic thermol menstrual patcha newly designed high-tech product to deal with troubles for female in menstual period. After being applied to the Qihai point in the lower abodmen, the patch can generate comfortable and evenly heat lasting 16 hours for female in menstrual period, with the average temperature of 550. It now has become an international advanced way to soothing dysmenorrhea, prevent postpartum rheumatism and promote postpartum shape recovery. Its quick and effective:the patch is activated by being exposed to the air. After 5 mins, it will produce a far-infrared ray , with a wave length of 5-15 Mm and a normal emittance of 0.85. 30 mins later after being applied to the affected part, the patch can instantly and effectively relieve pains. Its safe, stable and without any side effect.
1. Soothing dysmenorrhea, menoxenia, post partum pains, abortion pains, feeling cold, cold in uterus, gastric cold, addominal pain, and pains brought by chills.
2. Dredging the meridian passage, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, deswelling and reducing weigh.
3. Can be used for ovary maintainence and daily health care.
1. Take out the patch from the pouch, remove the backing to reveal the adhesive side. The adhesive side should be attached to the lower part in the abdomen outside of your undergarments, not directly to your skin.
2. Use the patch 4 days before your menstrual peroid and the patch should be used once a day for 16 hours. 4-5 boxes is a course.
3. Female who have menstrual cramp and maiden at menarche should use 3-4 courses, those who need daily ovary maintiannece should use 15-30 days and those who suffer from post partum pains and postpartum sequela should use 20-30 days.
4. The patch can also be used once a day or once every 2-3 days.
5. For people who want daily healthcare, the patch can be used once/twice every week.
1. Only can be applied, not edible
2. Dont open the inner packing when not use
3. Those who have recieved gynecologic operation cant use it until recovery.
4. Pregnant women, people who are allergic to this product and those whose skin are broken are forbidden.
5. Adjust it or remove it when feel too hot.
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