Sell Thermal CTP Plate

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Thickness: 0.30mm
Spectral Sensitivity: 830nm
Exposure Energy: 130-150mj/cm
Resolution: 1-99% at 2501pi
M Capability: 20m Stochastic
Processors: Any Suitable Processors for Positive Thermal CTP Plates
Developer: Recommended to Use Reco or Kodak Developer
Plate Finisher: Recommended to Use 140G Plate Finisher
Developer Temperature: 230C
Dwell Time: 32-35 Seconds
Replenishment Rate: 100ml/sqm
Backing Conditions: Apply 140B Backing Gum Before Backing
Static Oven: 2400C for a Duration of 4 Minutes
Online Oven: 2400C for a Duration of 4 Minutes
Safelight: Daylight Handling
Shelf Life: 12 Month Under Recommended Storage Conditions
Run-length: 100,000Impressions Unbaked, 500,000 Impressions Post-baked. Actual Run Length May Vary According to Press, Ink and Paper Conditions
Package: 50PCS/Carton