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Detailed Selling Lead Description
Product Name: Thermocouples
Model Number: WR, WZ

Place of Origin: China
1) Simple style thermocouple:
A) Models: WREX-01, WRKX-01, WZPX-02, WZCX-02
B) 5 x 30

2) Pressure thermocouple:
A) Model: WREX-21, WRKX-21, WZPX-22, WZCX-22
B) M12X1, M12X1. 5, M10X1, M10X1. 5

3) Screw thermocouple:
A) Model: WREX-31, WRKX-31, WZPX-32, WZCX-32
B) M6, M8

4) Tube type thermocouple:
A) Model: WREX-11, WRKX-11, WZPX-12, WZCX-12
B) M12X 1
C) Tube diam. : 7
D) Length: 50 - 500mm

5) Industrial thermocouple: Make orders according to customers

6) Tube type thermal resistance:
A) Model: WRPX-12, WRGX-12
B) Type: PT platinum resistance, CU50 copper resistance
C) M12X 1
D) Tube diam. : 7
E) Length: 50 - 500mm
F) Measurement range: -200-600oC, -50 - 150oC

7) Armor thermo resistance and thermocouple type:
A) Thermo-couples, thermal resistances
B) 3, 4, 5, 6

8) Coil thermocouple
A) Thermal resistances
B) Model: WREX-41, WRKX-41, WZPX-42, WZCX-42
C) Makes an order according to customers