Sell Thermoformed Films (Asymmetry PA / EVOH Film)

Thermoformed Films (Asymmetry PA / EVOH Film) You May Also Be Interested In: fresh meat fresh meat products
Features: 1) Structure:
a) PA / tie / PE / tie / PA / tie / PE
b) PA / tie / PA / EVOH / PA / tie / PE
c) PE / PE / tie / PA / tie / PE / PE
d) PE / tie / PA / EVOH / PA / tie / PE
2) Thickness: 100um,125um, 150um, 175um, 200um
3) Draw depth: 0 - 20mm, 20 - 40mm, 40 - 80mm, 80 - 100mm
4) Functions:
a) Moisture barrier
b) Oxygen barrier
c) Prevents increasing of microbes
d) Prevents losing of odor of food
e) Prevents losing by freezing
f) Keeps out touch by human
g) Meets sanitation requirements
5) Applications:
a) Bloated food: banger, ham, preserved ham and salted duck
b) Catsup bloated food: preserved Szechwan pickle, dried turnip and pickled
c) Bean products: dried bean curds and sweetened bean pastes
d) Fast foods: rice
e) Cooked foods: fired chicken, baked duck and catsup beef
f) Fresh meat products
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800Tons Per Month
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