Sell Thermoforming Machine

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Supply of Automatic Thermoforming Machine
with Auto Unwinding unit, Automatic Roll Fed
system, Heating system with Infrared Ceramic
Heating Elements, Forming station, Ejection &
Scrap winding unit & Control Panel:

Model E1 with forming area 600 X 300 MM US $ 30,000

Price: FOB Mumbai
Payment: 50% advance & 50% against B/L
Delivery: 60 days
Packing: Sea Worthy Export Packing in wooden cases
Validity: 60 days
Warrantee: One Year
Installation: 1 Technician for 15 days
Installation Fees: Round Air Ticket(s) , Lodging & Boarding Expenses

Advising Bank: Bank of India, Saki Naka Branch, Mumbai 72, India
A/C No: 003820 1000 13568, Swift Code: BK ID IN BB ADH
Corresing Bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company, New York, Swift Code: BK TRUS 33

Thanking you in anticipation of your favourable response.

We remain, yours faithfully,
Rajesh Potdar

PS: Utilities required for the machine are Compressed Air, Chilled Water & 3 Phase Power.



Forming Area (mm2) 600 X 300

Width (mm) (Max  Min) : 600 -200
Stroke Length (mm) (Max  Min) : 300 - 50
Draw (mm) (Max) : 125

Dry cycles/min. (Max) : 40

Sheet width (mm) (Max  Min) 650 - 250
Sheet thickness (Max  Min) 1.5 - 0.3
Reel dia (mm) : (Max) 750

Heating units: 1
Total heating capacity (KW) : 8
Type of heaters: Infrared Ceramic (Imported)

Total connected load (KW) : 22.25

Compressed air reqd. (litre/min) : 2500 @ 7kg/cm2

Chilling Plant capacity (K Cal/ hr) : 16,000

Raw material (formable grade) : PP / HIPS / PET

Approx. weight of the machine (KGs) : 2,500

Approx Dimensions of machine (M2) : 5.0X2.0X3.8


1. Our policy is of continuous development & improvement.
2. Figures given here are indicative only. We reserve the right to alter dimensions & specifications without prior notice.
3. Output depends on grade of material, thickness, processing & operating parameters.
4. Electrical supply of 440 V +/- 5% is required. In case of large fluctuations, it is recommended to use Voltage Stabilizer.
5. Compressor, Moulds & Chilling Plant is not included in our scope of supply.



The base is made of heavy-duty rigid frame consisting of drive mechanism and sheet transport system. The sheet conveying system shall consist of specially designed duplex spiked chain. A spring clutch and the pneumatic assembly, which can be easily adjusted by adjustable pneumatic stopper, control the stroke length. The chain guide is effectively water-cooled. The main drive is AC/DC motor for a variable drive of reputed make.

The chain guide is provided with central adjustable shaft to adjust the chain width. Limit switches and cams control the entire cycle, which are mounted on a common shaft with cams for easy setting.


Heating station consists of Infrared ceramic heater bank. Heaters are divided into 8 zones & controlled vertically along machine direction. Heating bank is retractable type, which is also interlocked with an emergency switch. The heaters are controlled by specially designed digital Temperature Controller with linear phase angle PID type ensuring constant heating to desired temperature and uniformity and also ensures energy saving.


Most sturdy and heavy-duty pillar set designed to take cutting load. The forming station is a state - of - the - art design, for excellent control over accurate plug assist pressure forming with in mould trimming facility. Consists of 4-pillar structure guided by linear motion bearings. Die pillar forming station is provided with an AC/DC motor with a variable drive connected via pulley to shaft mounted speed reducer directly coupled on a main camshaft. Dual cam system ensures well-balanced and flexible system. It allows adjusting slight amount of inaccuracies on the top and bottom mould surfaces. Cutting depth adjustment can be provided through eccentric pins. Dual cam system further enhances extra cutting load capacity. Cams are made of special alloy steel made with precision and accuracy on CNC machines and duly hardened. Die - mounting on a lower platen is very easy and quick.


We have designed fast ejection system where very thin walled containers are ejected automatically through a jet of air so controlled that it fails directly in to the collecting bin. The roll after punching gets automatically wound up. The scrap roll can be removed easily while the machine is in operation.


Emergency stop switches are provided for added safety at more than one location. In addition, timer for die closing time, individual switches for chilling unit operation, waste roll winding unit & cooler motor are provided on the control panel. The machine is also provided with separate control panel for manual operation & setting.