Sell Thermoplastic kettle

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Thermoplastic kettle.

Specially designed for fast, efficient melting thermoplastic paint material at construction spot. Available with single kettle or double kettle, skid or trailer mounted.

Engine: 18 HP water-cooled or wind-cooled electric startup diesel engine.
Max rotating speed: 2200r/min.
Agitator: Hydraulically driven, in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.
Hydraulic oil tank: Capacity: 50L. Hydraulic oil: 68#
Heating system: LPG heating system. Temperature:0-300 free adjustable.
Melting Kettle: Single kettle or double-kettlevertical, with vertical hydraulic agitator.
Safety device: With fire extinguisher and automatical protective device for overloading.

Model Kettle Capacity(kg) mount

RFS400 2 2x200 Truck mounted

RFS700 2 2x350 Truck mounted

RFS1000 2 2x500 Truck mounted

RFD200 1 200 Truck mounted

RFD350 1 350 Truck mounted

RFD450 1 450 Truck mounted

RFL700 2 2x350 Wheeled mounted