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Advantages: anti-oxidation, erosion resisting, durative and inexpensive. The operating temperature of thermosensitive reed switches and temperature sensors made of thermosensitive soft magnetic ferrite materials do not vary with the lapse of time (neglectable aging) . This type of devices boast consistent performance and high sensitivity; they can be easily made into various elements of complicated customized shapes; they feature high quality-product rate.
Technical data: within the temperature range of -40:C to +180:C, the technical features of any thermosensitive ferrite magnetic ring and magnet are as follows:
a. The range of Curie points for thermosensitive ferrite magnetic rings: -40:C--+180:C.
b. Maximum magnetic permeability of thermosensitive ferrite magnetic rings is >=3000, up to above 4000. The changing rate of magnetic permeability around Curie points: >=140/:C.
c. Density of material: >=4.8g/cm3.
d. Temperature hysteresis of thermosensitive switches assembled with thermosensitive magnetic rings, reed and permanent magnet has categories: <=0.5:C, <=1:C, <=3:C, <=5:C, customized specifications can also be provided.
e. Customized size for thermosensitive magnetic rings
usual specification: outer diameter 6.0mm, inner diameter 2.7-2.8mm, thickness 3.5-4.8mm, outer diameter error <=0.1mm, inner diameter error <=0.05mm, height error <=0.05mm.
f. Quality rate upon quality control: quality rate of assembled products in one batch not lower than 95%.
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