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Principle: the purpose of thermal control can be realized through the control of the connection (ON) and disconnection (OFF) of reed switch utilizing thermosensitive soft magnetic ferrite material whose magnetic permeability alters dramatically around Curie point.
Features and usage: thermosensitive reed switches boast precise thermal control, consistent performance, high reliability and durability. Thermosensitive reed switches are applied to the following fields.
Family electrical appliance: defrost, refrigeration and insulation for refrigerator, thermal control for air-conditioner and rear-projection TV, heating and thermal control for water heater, thermal control or preservation for electric rice cooker, heat preservation for automatic ventilation system.
Automobile: cold start, warm start and water temperature control
Industrial machinery and equipments: thermal control for solar power system, thermal control for gas stoves, overheat protection for electric parts, thermal control for water-cooling systems of combustion engines, overheat (excessive current) protection for various mechanical or electrical equipments such as electrical engines or compressors, and thermal control, overheat protection or overheat warning for gas stoves and electric box stove.
Telecommunications: thermal control or overheat protection for telecommunications equipment.
Computer: overheat protection for computers
Fire fighting: fire spray system for buildings
Aviation: thermal control for electric compass.
Agriculture: switch of ventilation between cold house and warm house, heat preservation for breeding case, breeding chamber and thermostat house.
Others: heat preservation or thermal control for slot machine or various amplifiers, dew-resist for photocopier lens, moisture-resist for video players and recorders.
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