Sell Thermostat for Heating Boiler

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This thermostat is suitable for temperature control and time control of residential gas boiler and electric boiler. It is installed on the room wall. Room temperature, setting temperature, operating time, on/off and anti-frozen state can be displayed on the LCD screen.
F2000P-bt-01 has the following function:
. timing function: timing on/off;
. anti-frozen temperature can be set (50~100) ;
. remote control function available
. providing network interface, equipped with F2000RTE telephone controller, realizing remote telephone control and energy saving.
Technical parameters
Operating voltage AC220V110% , 50/60HZ
Power consumption <1.0W
Touch point current { 3A AC220V
Temperature control range 120~250(continuously adjustable)
Display resolution 0.50
Minimum setting temperature 0.50
Display temperature range 00~400
Control precision 10.750( at 230)
Anti-frozen temperature 50~100 (can be set)
Dimensions 130mmW90mmW32mm
Weight 280 g
Installation standard 2Winch or 65mmW60mm
Connection terminals <1.5mm (wire section)

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
Model Number
Warranty Coverage
280 g