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Applications of Thermostat:
1. Standard Cool/Heat system or Cool only Heat only system.
2. Electrical Heat system.
3. Gas or Oil fired system
4. Single stage Heat-pump system or heat pump system with Aux Heat
Temperature dispalyed in Fahrenheit mode or Centigrade mode.
big LCD display
Run on system power: 24V, 30V maximum (DC or AC)
Load Rating: 1.5 Amp maximum (all terminals together)
Fan control: selectable from auto cycle & continuous (auto/ on)
Heating/Cooling Control: 2 Stage heat/ 1 stage cool
Temperatue display range: 0-37C (32-99F)
Temperature control range: 5-35C (40-95F)
Sampling Rate: every 5 seconds
Accuracy : +/- 1 C
Backlit: optional