Sell Thermostatic Shower Faucet CL505

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1. Thermostatic Control - Maintains Temperature Stability and Provides Safety Shut off to Prevent Scalding
2. Pressure Balanced: Automatically Compensates for Variations in Water Pressure
3. Security Stop(Set to 380C) : Built-in temperature "Child" Stop can be set. It will Automatic Shut-off in the Event of Cold Water Failure
4. One Control to Adjust the Temperature
5. Quality Brass Body made by Gravity Casting, Plumbum < 2%
6. Containing Water Quality Percolator to Prevent Impurities
7. Water Conserving: European Water Conservation Spec. Suitable for Water Pressure from 0.1-0.5Mpa
8. Plated Chrome
9. The Inlet Distance between Hot Water and Cold Water Can be Adjust from 13cm to 17cm
10. Simple Installation and Service: Available in many Styles to Fit Most Installation