Sell Thermostats (KSD-301C)

Thermostats (KSD-301C) You May Also Be Interested In: grounded metal metal cap thermostats
Function: Temperature control and overheating protect
Life cycle: 100, 000 cycles
Base material: Bakelite&ceramic
Temperature tolerance: 2~3 Celsius
Auto reset

Technical data:
Rated electric parameter:
5A series: AC250V 5A/AC 125V7A (resistive load)
10A series: AC250V 10A (resistive load)
Light current series: AC24V 0.5A/DC12V 0.25A.
Normal electric strength: Not broken within 2000V 1 minute, no flash.
Normal isolated resistance: >100M (Ohms) (measured in 500V meters)
Grounded mode: Connect the grounded metal parts in the equipment to the metal cap(case)

Safety certificate:
China CQC Certificate: The highest temperature is 200 centigrade.
VDE: 127736 the highest operating temperature is 250 centigrade
UL Certificate: E137238 the highest operating temperature is 220 centigrade.
CSA Certificate: LR1047681-1 the highest temperature is 150 centigrade.
SEMKO Certificate: 200341 the highest temperature is 150 centigrade.
ISO9001 Certificate: 1002Q 10292R1M
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