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Product name: Thiabendazole
Chemical name: 2-(4-thiazoly) -benzimidazole
Molecular formula: C10H7N3S
Molecular weight: 201.25
CAS No. : 148-79-8
Property: Almost white crystalline powder. Melting point: 304-305C; Solubility:10g/L in water(25C, pH2) , 4.2g/L in acetone ,9.3g/L in methanol, 7.9g/L in ethanol, 0.23g/L benzene; Stable at normal storage conditions.
Uses: Thiabendazole is a kind of international common germicide with high efficiency and generam purpose.
Specification: Thiabendazole 98% Tech
Package: 25kg paper board buckets or as per customer's instruction.