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Thin-section bearings were designed to save space, lower the overall weight designs, dramatically reduce friction, and provide excellent running accuracy. you can downsize your design and cut manufacturing costs, without sacrificing bearing performance or life.
Bearings were designed to fill the need resulting from the modern design concepts of simplicity, miniaturization, weight reduction, and compactness being applied to a wide variety of rotating devices.
Aircraft, aerospace and astronomy instrumentation
 Fixturing and workholding equipment
 Food processing equipment
 Glassworking equipment
 Index and rotary tables
 Packaging equipment
 Machine tools
 Medical devices
 Optical scanning equipment
 Radar, satellite and communications equipment
 Textile machinery
 Tube and pipe cutting machines
 Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
 Sorting equipment

Crossed cylindrical roller bearings, in which rollers are arranged crosswise between the rings, with each roller perpendicular to its adjacent roller, are of compact structure. This design allows one bearing to simultaneously accommodate loads in all directions, including radial, axial, and moment loads, with high load carrying capability, improved rigidity (three or four times greater than the other kinds) , high rotation accuracy, easy to handle.
Its light-weight construct and high performance, simplify the design, save the space. They are widely used in applications such as industrial robot joints and precision rotary tables, medical equipment, measure instruments, and IC manufacturing equipment, etc.