Sell Thinnest Mobile Library--STAReBOOK Reader

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The unit was designed to be about the same weight as the average book. The E-ink paper-imitative display technology brings a feeling of reading a real book.

The STAReBOOK is the lightest, thinnest and most durable e-book reader in the world with customized design and only a few simple buttons, easy to operate.

Battery life is also comparable to that of many PDA's because while the electronic ink display does not require any power once it is set to show a specific page, the ARM-based SAMSUNG 32bit processor requires constant power, and read and write operations between the storage and the SD Card stick also require power.

The StareBook can currently only display contents in the STK format (STK is the unique format of eREAD. Files and pictures can be transferred to STK files by STK Maker, including TXT EXE JPG GIF and etc. ) . The content of STK books are from all the publishing companies in Asia.

The STAReBOOK has three versions including Simplified Chinese Version, Complicated Chinese Version and English Version, which were officially released in November 2006.


1. 6in reflective electronic paper display with E-Ink technology (2bit grayscale)
2. SVGA (600x800 dots) resolution at 170dpi
3. 250g with case and batteries (160g without)
4. 118mm x 188mm x 85mm
5. ARM-based SAMSUNG 32bit processor (S3C2410A core)
6. MP3 player built-in, Enjoy music while reading
7. 64MB SDRAM system memory
8. SD slot (MMS compatible)
9. USB 2.0 port
10. Headphone jack
11. Li-ion Rechargeable battery inside Rear-mounted mono speaker
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118x 188 x 85mm
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