Sell Thiourea Dioxide

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Thiourea Dioxide is one kind of stable compound without oxidablity and reducibity, it can solute in water 26.7g/L(20 0C ) , and saturation water solution PH value is 5.0. It's still stable in 20 - 300C water solution, but it will decompose under heating and alkali function, drifts away sulfurous acid, therefore manifested a stronger deoxidize activity.

2. Specification:

Purity: 99. %Min

Thiourea: 0.10%Max


Iron(Fe) :10ppm Max

Sulphate: 0.17%Max

It is one new kind environmental-protection agent which is can be used as exchange of Sodium Hydrosulfite. It has good heat stability, high as reducibility, easy operation and transportation and storage convenient. It widely applies to reduction dyes and sulfur dyes dyeing, wool and silk bleaching, disperse dyes reducing cleaning, dye vat cleaning and so on. And also used in paper making industry as bleaching agent, deinking, waste paper deink, etc. And then used to organic synthesis in synthetic fiber industry, additive of polythene sensitizer of photographical emulsion, noble metal recycling and separates, etc. There is no pollution during the operation.
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