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Appearance: Thiram is white to yellow crystalline powder with a characteristic odor.

Chemical name: tetramethylthiuram disulfide

Molecular formla: C6H12N2S4

CASNumber: 137-26-8

Water Solubility: 30mg/L at 250

Solubility in other solvents: s. s in ethanol; s. in acetone and chloroform.

Melting Point: 1460

Thiram is a dimethyl dithiocarbamate compound used as a fungicide to prevent crop damage in the field and to protect harvested crops from deterioration in storage or transport. Thiram is also used as a seed protectant and to protect fruit, vegetables, ornamental, and turf crops from a variety of fungal diseases. In addition, it is used as an animal repellent to protect fruit trees and ornamentals from damage by rabbits, rodents, and deer. Thriam has been used in the treatment of human scabies, as a sunscreen, and as a bactericide applied directly to the skin or incorporated into soap.

Package: 25KG/bag, tri-decked plastic bag.
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