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Product name Thomas high temperature resistant sensors adhesive (THO4064)
Outline This one-component strain modified epoxy adhesive cures fast when heated, it is temperature resistant and easy to operate.
Applications It is applicable to the bonding of such materials as metal, ceramics and composite materials used in sensors. In addition, it applies to the bonding, filling, sealing and casting of heated parts in appliances and instruments.
Features it is white or transparent thick liquid, having no solid particles.
Fast curing velocity. And the following chart tells the time needed to solidify after the application of the adhesives at different temperature.
Temperature Time
1000 60M
1200 30M
1300 20M
1400 10M
Being heat-resistant, it adapts to a wide range of temperature and bonds well under high temperature.
No strict treatment of the surface of the substrates needed, which makes it easy to use.
You'll see long term durability and resistance to moisture, chemicals, oils, and temperature extremes.
Non-toxic after solidification, though it is a little smelly.
Its storage time is half a year at the temperature of 25 0 and its viscosity value is 7000-20000mpa. s.
The main technical parameters are as follows:
Heat resistance scope: -45-+4000
materials Items tested conditions features Tensile strength (MPa) Shearing strength (MPa)
Steel and steel hardness Shore >=90 At 250 35 25
At 2000 5 3.5
Nickel and steel volume resistivity 250 (Ohms) /cm 4.0W10W14 At 250 36.5 26.5
At 2000 3 3
Ceramics and steel surface resistivity
250(Ohms) 2.5W10W14 At 250 42 32
At 2000 5.5 5.5
Ceramics and ceramics hydroscopicity 10001H% <4 At 250 42 32
At 2000 5.5 5.5
Aluminum and aluminum Tg value 0 >=420 At 250 45 35
At 2000 5 4.5

Instruction 1. Clean the surface of the material, make sure they have no dust or oil on them, wait until they are dry.
2. Spread the mixture on the substrates, put them together and apply some strength on them, heated it and let it dry
Notes 1. Better to keep the working place well ventilated.
2 . If it has contact with skin, you should wash with soapy water.
3. It can be stored at well-ventilated places with low temperature, and keep them away from fire. Cover the lip after using it.
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