Sell Three-Folding Packing Women Sanitary Pad Machine / Sanitary Pad Machine

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Three-Folding Packing Women Sanitary Pad Machine / Sanitary Pad Machine

Model: HX-SZ-500

Function & Assemble Parts
1. It can produce air-laid paper napkin pad, fluffy N. W. fabric napkin pad and three pieces style napkin pad. (As per request, it can be added to produce cotton core napkin pad. )
2. Independent packing style: Napkin pad after being molded on main machine is three-folded and input into outer package film with tight sealing.
3. Products are vertically arranged and output in line after small package is cut.

Structure & Character
1. Driving system consists of gearwheel device, universal joint couplings and synchronous belt with high driving accuracy and low mechanical consumption.
2. Driving components are installed on backboard of equipment to facilitate adjustment and maintenance and also protect production against shake.
3. Main press-cut roller adopt universal shaft driving, which is advanced in designing.

Main Technical Parameter
1. Designed production speed: 600 PCS/min
2. Stable production speed: 400~500 PCS/min
3. Machine power: 40kw (380v, 50Hz) (include glue applicators. )
4. Overall size of equipment (L * W * H m) : 9.5 * 2.2 * 2.0(Exclude crusher)
5. Weight of equipment: about 10t
*As per request, it can be equipped with PLC to materialize auto self-controlling with additional cost required.

Product Feature
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