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The energysaving three-layer rotary cylinder dryer is energysaving and high efficiency drying equipment which is ameliorated from the traditional high moisture material dryer, and has now reached the international advanced level through constant modification. It can process not only high moisture material with low viscosity but also those with high viscosity. This machine is applicable to dewatering all kinds of mash and residues with water content less than 85% such as brewery mash, alcohol mash, fruit residue, gruffs, saccharified residue, fecula, poultry dung, tailings, etc, and it has a good effect on exploring new feed resource, reducing the raising cost, and lessening environmental pollution.


Higher productive capacity, faster drying speed, less energy consumption, lower product cost.
Fully aotomatical machine and less space taken, easier for transportion and installation.
Better drying effect. Inner-middle-outer three layers cylinder makes a stable heat temperature and steady moisture content.
All-purpose dryer. Can be used for brewery mash, lees, fruit residue, soya residue, drug dregs, been dregs, molasses pulp, starch pulp, poultry dung, etc.
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