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Our auto transformers provide the user with the capability of adapting voltages for worldwide applications. Auto transformers are single winding transformers that are generally cheaper than isolation transformers, which have multiple windings. Auto transformers are also ideal for Buck Boost applications, where the desired voltage is slightly lower or higher than the voltages supplied by your existing transformer or your facility power. An example of the savings in size achieved by using an auto transformer is illustrated below:
Voltage available for a 100 KVA output : 460 VAC, 3 PH (X1, X2, X3)
Voltage desired for a 100 KVA output: 480 VAC, 3 PH (H1, H2, H3)
The size of the auto transformer would be 480-460/480 * 100 KVA = 4.2 KVA approx.
Hence a 4.2 KVA Auto transformer unit will boost the 460 VAC, 100 KVA output to 480 VAC, 100 KVA output. The customer has to buy a cheaper 4.2 KVA unit instead of replacing the existing 100 KVA unit.
Auto Transformers do not provide the isolation between primary and secondary, which is provided by an Isolation Transformer.

Auto transformer is not a solution for all applications. Check with your electrician and city codes to see if an auto transformer is suitable for your application.

There are instances, when a distribution transformer output is lower than nominal. One solution is to replace the Distribution transformer with a new one. This can be costly. Auto Transformers are very useful in such applications. Auto Transformer is able to boost the output to the nominal value. The distribution transformer provides the necessary isolation, and auto transformer remedies the drop in the output voltage. This results in huge savings.
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