Sell Three Phase Four (Three) Wire Electronic Energy Meter (Protection Type)

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Major Technical Data:
Type: DS(T) S318
Accuracy class: 1.0
Power consumption: <6VA
Rated voltage: 3W57.7/100V, 3W220/380V, 3W100V
Rated current: 1.5(6) A, 10(60) A, 20(100) A

Main Functions:
1) The terminal cover is transparent, sealable and extended to prevent
unauthorized tampering
2) High accuracy, reliability, overload capability
3) Low power consumption
4) SMT technology and re-flow soldering technology
5) Tamper-proof, light weight, small size, easy to install
6) Applications: measure the rated 50Hz / 60Hz three phase AC power by
adopting advanced PCB and SMT technology

Salient Features:
1) High overload capacity: 6 times of overload
2) High reliability: long operating life
3) Adopting SMT and re-flow soldering technology and has strong capability
for disturbance; technical property comply with requirement of IEC Standards
4) Impulse output interface is used for calibration of the accuracy of meter
and the impulse input of remote-metering
5) LCD indicator showing power
6) Electric power line carrier system and telephone remote-metering system
and telephone remote-metering system can be supplied at user's option
7) Can be developed into three phase PLC electronic energy meter