Sell Three Phase Four (Three) Wire Wave Carrier Electronic Energy Meter

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Major Technical Data:
1. Name of product: Three Phase Four(Three) Wire Electronic Wave Carrier Energy Meter
2. Type :DDSI318
3. Accuracy class: 1.0
4. Power consumption : operating <=12VA, non-operating<=9VA
5. Rated Voltage: 3*220/380V
6. Reference Frequency: 50--200HZ
7. Basic Current: 1.5(6) A 10(50) A 20(100) A
8. PLC Frequency: 50-200KHz
9. PLC Ratio:48000 bps
10. Valid Communication Distance :
Aerial Line :>=300m, (ponit-ponit) >=300m
Cable Line :> =150m, (ponit-ponit) >=150m
Three Phase Four (Three) Wire Wave Carrier Electronic Energy Meter is applicable for measuring consumed energy with automatic controlling function. SSC frequency technology is adopted with micro processor which shall handle the data transfer. The metering system is connected with power supply administration center through L. V. power lines, which transfers the data quick, accurate and reliable.
Main function:
1. Measurement of three phase active power.
2. SSC large frequency technology is adopted to realize the power line to achieve wave carrier communication.
3. Automatic metering and control according to address code.
4. To record the parameters semi-automatically through CMRI
5. RS 485 special line and L. V. power line frequency PL communication methods
Salient Features:
1. High accuracy: 1.0 class.
2. High reliability: long operating life
3. Collect and record the data of the meter correctly and on time
4. Low power consumption, tamper proof and easy to install
5. Register displays actual consumed power
6. Non-volatile memory with big capacity is adopted to memorize the data under the no-load condition for 20 years