Sell Three Phase Prepaid Energy Meter -DTSY1025

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Accuracy: Active Class0.5/1.0 Reactive Class 2.0
Power Consumption: less than1.5W/6VA
Rererence Voltage(V) : 3-Phase 3 Wires:3x57.7/100V
3-Phase 4 Wires:3x220/380V
Basic Current(A) : 1.5(6) A
Operating Temperature: from -20 degree C to +55 degree C.
Relative Humidity: less than 85%

Detailed information:
Main Usages:
3-Phase Prepaid IC Card Electronic Energy Meter is a new type meter developed on latest SCM . With its prepayment management mode of"buy before use", it is a perfect product to effectively solve the problem of payment default in electricity consumption, avoid overload and tamper, control and regulate the load of power supply network.

Main Functions:
1. The user purchases electric power in advance and preset maximum load limit, alarm quantity and IC card password. IC card transmits data.
2. Storage of leave-factory serial number, meter constants, initial figure of the mechanical meter and user's name and address etc.
3. Backward reading of remaining electric power quantity, accumulated quantity of negative electric power and total number of purchases etc.
4. Alarm at low remaining electric power, alarm and switch off when overload and OK Wh cut off control.

Main Characteristics:
1. High accuracy, high overload, high reliability, low power consumption and pilferage-proof.
2. The meter displays total consumption quantity, digital tube shows consumption status.
3. Single-phase,3-phase prepayment Watthour Meters and multi-functional prepayment Watthouor Meter can share one single set of power supply system.
4. Advanced solid integration process SMT and hot-air-circumfluent welding in manufacturing ensures high anti-jamming capacity.
5. To facilitate teh electric department in meter reading, the company has developed meter-reading machine. Together with a portable computer it can read more than 1000 meters once.
Supply Capacity
1,000,000pcs per year
IEC60687, IEC61036, IEC62055, GB/T17215,GB/T18460 and GB/T17882.
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Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 pcs
Power Requirements
see above specification
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