Sell Three Phase Three(Four) Wires Multi-function Prepaid Meter (DS(T) SD1025-Y)

Three Phase Three(Four) Wires Multi-function Prepaid Meter (DS(T) SD1025-Y) You May Also Be Interested In: function meter phase four phase three prepaid meter prepayment watt hour meter
Accuracy:Class 0.5, Class 1.0
Power Consumption:less than 1.5W/6VA
Rererence Voltage(V) :
3-Phase 3 Wires:3x57.7/100V
3-Phase 4 Wires:3x220/380V
(extended voltage is available on request. )
Basic Current(A) :
5(20) A,10(40) A,20(80) A
(extended current is available on request)
Operating Temperature:from -20 degree C to +55 degree C
Relative Humidity:less than 85%

Detail information:
Main Usages:
Used to measure active and reactive electric power that requires both timesharing and prepayment. It's an effective technical method to solve the problem payment default in electric power consumption. Adopted and used by tens of electric departments and with up to 10000 meters operating with high or low-voltage at site, its multi-functional prepayment device is well proved for its reliability, unique design and practicability. Having consulted and modified with tens of electricity departments, the management software accords with present management mode and has remarkable effect in eliminating payment default. It is a good and cheap method for improving economic efficiency of electricity department.

Main Functions:
1. Prepayment, compound rates, demanded quantity of active and reactive electric power, and power factor can be combined optionally.
2. Parameters can be transmitted be infrared portable computer, RS485 interface, international standard IC card or manual operation at the user's option.
3. Displays and records all data of electric power, maximum requirement, power factor and phase failure and perform automatic accounting and settlement.
4. Copy function. When changing Watt-hour Meter, all data in the original meter can be copied to the new one via copy card. It is quick and convenient to program and change.
5. The interface of electricity sales system is friendly, precisely structured and easy to learn. And able to make sales to both 3-phase and single-phase prepayment Watt-hour Meter on the system manufactured by our company.

Main Characteristics:
1. High accuracy, high overload, high reliability, low power consumption, small volume, light in weight and good structural performance.
2. The internationally advanced integration circuits specially used for Watt-hour Meter, permanent information keeping nonvolatile storage and other hardware and software measurements are employed to prevent the meter from losing data at times when both AC power supply and internal support battery lost voltage.
3. LCD display, clear and complete.
4. The interface of power vending system is easy to learn
Supply Capacity
1,000,000pcs per year
IEC60687, IEC61036, IEC62055, GB/T17215,GB/T18460 and GB/T17882.
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 pcs
Power Requirements
see above specification
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