Sell Three-point Settling Centrifuge

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Working Principle

The machine is one kind of setting high speed centrifugal in imperforate, and great in speed and high in separation factor . It is suitable for clarifying suspension with medium size and fine particales. It is widely used as rough equipment for the tubular separator in the first step, hermetic cover and skimming pipe installed upper, outlet automatically, strong in capacity, clean, simple in instructure and convenient in operation. And all parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and meet the requirements of GMP certification.
Main Purposes

1. Chemical Industry:gypsum, ammonium, glaubers salt, ironsalphate copper sulphate, nickel sulphate, potassium chloride, ace-tic acid, borax, soda, rubber additive, dyestuff pigment, raw plastic, soap, fat, various resins and other chemical products.
2. Foodstuff industry:salt, monosodium, foodstuff additive, chemical flavouring, starch and sugar-made.
3. Pharmacy:Vitamin, antibiotic and other medicines as well as weed killer, vermifuge, etc.
4. Mining and metallurgical industry mineral products in copper, zinc and aluminium etc, and metal refined.
5. Environmental protection such as treatments of acid gypsum drainage and sludge purification.

Main Features
It is used as a kind of high speed centrifuge and it is a great break through on the base of general 3-point centrifuge. Its novel design greatly increases the settling speed of material. And its strong in separation factor, great in capacity and perfect in separation. Meanwhile special material must be used because of the high speed of the bowl so the material used in the core of the machine is stainless steel to ensure the stability and safety of the products.