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The three wheel road rollers, models 3Y6/8, 3Y8/10, 3Y8/12, 3Y10/12, 3Y10/15, 3Y15/18, 3Y18/21, are capable of compacting gravel, macadam, asphalt concrete, non-cohesive or less cohesive soils, lime and cinder as well as rolling of foundations of public squares and pavements.

1. Compact construction and small turning radius, with smooth finished surface.

2. The disk brake and change-over clutch are reliable and durable.

3. The hydraulic steering system assures easy manipulation.

4. The driving roll is made of cast steel. With thickness increased for sturdy and wear-resisting.

5. The comfortable seat and excellent visibilityfeature its rational design.

6. Either a cab or a canopy is avaliable to buyer's option.

Model YSZ07, YZ1, YZ2 Vibratory Rollers are suitable for working in the narrow and limited sites. YZC3, YZC3H, YZ4, YZC6, YZ6C, YZ12, YZ14 Vibratory Rollers are suitable for compacting highroads, streets, airports, industry zones or parking ground. YZD4, YZDC6, YZD6C can be used for compacting roadbed as well as road surface especially the areas subject to vibration. 2YJ8/10,3Y10/12,3Y15/18 is fit for deep-compacting work.

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