Sell Thrombosis-Free Soft Capsule

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Product Name: Xuesaitong Soft Capsule/ Thrombosis-Free Soft Capsule
Brand: Lixuwang
Ingredient: Panax Notoginseng Saponins

Indication: This product can be used for prevention and recovery of ischemic of Cardio-Cerebra Thrombotic Diseases. It is made from Panax Notoginseng(or called sanchi) which is one of the rarest herbs traditionally used to stop bleeding and activate Blood Circulation Against Stasis, and famous as the best herb for blood diseases. This product has the anti-platelet aggregation and anti-thrombosis effect, and can dilate the blood vessel, improve blood flow. It also has the Protective Effect on Cerebral Ischemia and myocardial ischemia reperfusion damage with the mechanisms of reducing oxidization damage and lowering release of inflammatory factors.

Dosage: Orally take, 2 capsules each time, twice daily
Specification: 60mg PNS/capsules, 24 capsules/box or 60 capsules/box

For this product is classified as drug in China, the following information is the details of this products as drug.

Chemical Ingredient:

1) Type of pananxadiol: Rb1, Rd, R4, Rg3;
2) Type of pananxitriol: Rg1, Re, R1, R2, Rh1;
3) Few quantities of high active factors: Rb2, Rb3, Rc, F2, Ta, R3;
4) The total are 18, The quantity of Rb1, Tg1, R1 is the highest. They are usually regarded as inspecting index.

Pharmacological and pharmacodynamic study:

1. Protection of cerebral ischemia: Legate rat's double artery and drop blood pressure to make model of acute cerebral ischemia. Inject this product 200, 100, 50mg/kg weight to rats respectively in advance. Once daily and continue to use for three days. It can inhibit descending speed of EEG wave during ischemic stage obviously.

2. Changes of water and N+ in ischemia cerebral tissues: This product can reduce the content of water and Na in ischemia cerebral tissues and lighten edema of acute cerebral cortex.

3. Effects on blood flow of coronary artery: Intravenous injecting anesthetic dog 60% of the contents of drug(3ml) can add blood flow of coronary artery. The average increased value is 15.28+-2.26mk/min. It is equal to that of 158.93% before injecting. The average durative time is 16.46%.

4. Countermine rabbit's acute myocardial induced by hypothesis: Continue to administer notoginsenosides to rabbit with myocardial infraction which is modeled by ligating descending anterior branch of coronary artery. It can recover changes of myocardial ischemia quickly. The changes appear such as elevation of St, inversion of wave. The products can countermine myocardial ischemia.

5. Effect on pallet aggregation: It can inhibit platelet aggregation induced by ADP and there has certain dose-effect relationship.

6. Effect on thrombus formation in rat's body: It can inhabit thrombus formation in rat's body significantly and there has certain dose-effect relationship.

Preparation Characteristics:

1. Airproof is fine, quantity of content is accurate, quality is high.
2. It can not be degraded by gastric acid. It has high bioavailability and id effective.
3. It can cover bitter taste and strange smell inside drug. It is easy for patients to accept.
4. It is convenient to dose and the appearance is fine.

From present clinical studies, it can lower blood lipid, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein effectively. That is to say it can lower blood viscosity. Dosing this products for a long time has no obvious ill-effect and it can improve biochemical indexes of blood significantly to achieve functions of nourishing and strengthening body. It can specially important for middle age and aging people.